A year past a quarter of century. What a number.

"Kemarin adalah hari terakhir untuk aku menyambut hari ini. Betapa aku menghindarinya, pasti aku harus menghadapi.
Hari ini adalah hari yang seharusnya tidak biasa untukku. Hari yang biasa dianggap hari spesial, tapi tidak menurutku."

I woke up this morning, as usual as these days,
I feel like to write something for the reflection,
what exciting things happened over the past year.


My decision to resign from the office was such a serious consideration. Since then, I put my life to KROMA Kaffe and Kiosk which took me to many lessons to learn, acquaintances, and the experiences to value. Tho' these efforts haven't reached the maximum results, I am (read: we are) working on it. This is one of the most beautiful gift in my life.

After resigning, for the first time, I was hospitalized due to diarrhea—along with the blood. I was totally recovered after a month of hospital treatment that bored me to death. I humbly say, healthiness is the greatest happiness. 

Another exciting thing was when Edward and I travelled to Japan. It was an ordinary trip, but somehow, we found that every little things were displayed beautifully in the right showcase. Japan is white; the white that can be colored with various color, Japan is full of creative people, Japan is full of inspiration, and... I am inspired.

The last thing I am very grateful for is there are still a lot of people who support me, encourage me every time and every day. Meeting the old friends and the new people, supporting me, encouraging me, repeat. The great year passed. I am truly blessed!

I will keep dreaming until I could not dream anymore. Because a dream is something that is very beautiful and it has no limit. "The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams," —indeed.