Begitu sapaan ramah dari orang-orang di negeri matahari ini. 






30 Juni 2015––––––––––
"Apaaa? Flight kita dimajuin 3 hari?"






2 Juli 2015––––––––––
"Hari ini baru mau bikin visa? Lo sih gila loh, Pe!"






9 Juli 2015––––––––––
"Visa tembus (untungnya), JR Pass udah, Yen juga udah"
"Hmmm, apa lagi ya?"






11 Juli 2015––––––––––
Farewell singkat, boardingtake off...
Sampai berjumpa 2 minggu lagi, Jakarta!






Transit selama 5 jam di bandara Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Tidak terasa. Kami masih terlalu sibuk karena excited. Membaca kembali itinerary sambil menyeruput Ice Coffee-nya McDonald. Takut gak mau pulang.

Take off lagi...

Akibat packing sampai subuh, terbang selama 5 jam ini kami manfaatkan untuk menggantikan waktu tidur kami yang tersita. Ketika kami terbangun, kami disambut dengan pemandangan malam yang bertaburan kemerlap sinar lampu kota Osaka.

Saatnya beranjak dari kursi pesawat dan memulai perjalanan...



Plewo Doi by Noesa

Ple·wo Do·i

"to introduce"
in Sikka language (Maumere, Flores, NTT)

These are the people who had the important role in Plewo Doi, the cultural event that took place at Museum Tekstil and Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace on 2-24 May 2015. With this event, they aimed to introduce Sikka’s culture, the process of tenun ikat and natural dye. 

They are (left to right) Octoriko, Cendy, Daniel David, and Annisa.

They are the women behind the beautiful kain tenun ikat Sikka (Maumere, Flores, NTT).

This fabric-making process requires quite a long time: from cotton planting, natural colors making, cotton-to-yarn spinning, pattern tying, natural dyeing, and weaving.

No wonder, it takes more patience and persistence in the process of making. I am… truly amazed!

...And the photo below proves that we are still working together since we were in the college. 

I am so happy to be a part of Plewo Doi at Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace! Hopefully, there will be a chance like this in the future. Hopefully this kind of event can be held every year, because the main objective is to approach the young generation about the culture of Indonesia.

Keep on the good work, guys!

All event was presented by


GOOD Food, GOOD Mood

A month of hospital treatment... really bored me to death. Just because of the bad habits in consuming spicy and unhygienic foods, I was diagnosed with Colitis ulserative.

The first symptom I experienced was the defecation along with the blood.

Initially, maybe I was just lack of drinking water. So I began to have a plenty of water and had the high-fiber foods.

But in the reality, it didn't stop. The case was getting worse as I had diarrhea afterwards. So after 2 weeks, I was brought to the hospital.

RS Mitra Kemayoran, Jakarta (1-5 April 2015)

Island Hospital, Penang (27-29 April 2015)


I had endoscopy back then. 

I was discharged by Island Hospital after 3 days being treated. I was totally recovered. But... I still had to control to the food I consumed (should not be spicy, oily, and unhygienic) and must be taking medication regularly.

Thank you for all of my friends, my lecturers, my bosses, and all of my relatives who keep sending the prayer and the attention to me. 

Thanks God for everything.


A Short Getaway: Taman Safari

This time we chose Taman Safari for our short getaway as Anno came and visited Jakarta.

Because of chitchatting until dawn, we woke up late. We planned to leave at 5am, but actually we just woke up at 6am, and set off at half past eight.

The traffic was... really... bad...

We took a shortcut and got to Taman Safari around 2pm. We walked around the zoo and not long after that, there was the heavy rain pouring. Yes, we had no time to enjoy any facilities there.

Our trip was closed with the tongseng–which had always been our favorite–in PSK (Sate Center Kiloan).

Although this could be considered as a really really short getaway, I was very happy anyway. We didn't stop sharing gossip. And the important thing is staying together... :)

Thanks Anno AstaputriCendy Mirnaz, and Daniel Prima Putra for this super fun day! #folkindonesia

Photo by: @danieelsign


My Kind of Prince Charming

"Rambut kamu kan hitam, sehitam Eboni,
bibir kamu merah, semerah darah,
dan kulit kamu putih, seputih salju.

Aku panggil kamu Snowet aja, yah?"

Kata Evelyn kepada Edward



Dream A Dream

I always imagined a dream is something that is very beautiful and it has no limit.

A quarter of a century, sounds very mature. There are millions of things that are still on the lists.

And I remember...
"The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams."


Happy Bestday to Me


Feel so blessed to get a friend in you ❤️



1. My name is "Evelyn". No last name. 
2. A perfectionist person. Symmetrical freak.
3. Fall in love and currently in relationship with a best friend. 
4. "Do It Yourself" sounds magical. Kill most of the time making handmade stuff. 
5. Love keeping things, whatever it is. 
6. Appreciate women in any kind of beauty. 
7. Used to like number 7, but now can't decide whether 8 or 9 is the better. 
8. Extraverted, outspoken, and a lame liar. 
9. Have problem with public speaking. 
10. Adrenaline rushes whenever something (good or bad) happens. Still, love surprises though.
11. My mind is a good friend to talk to.
12. Have a negative mind to prevent something that hurts more. 
13. Dream so many dreams but have no clue which one needs to be achieved first. 
14. Everyday's favorite pallet: earthy colors. 
15. Traveling is a must, better with a small group. 
16. Scare of nothing except jumping from high place. 
17. Listen to music and watch movie a lot. Don't have any specific genre. 
18. Crunchy + spicy + salty. Thumbs up! 
19. Hate two-faced person so much. So. Much. 
20. Not a good storyteller and really not good in describing my own-self. 



Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, & Thyme

Simon & Garfunkle's — Scarborough Fair

"Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme;
Remember me to the one who lives there,
For once she was a true love of mine..."


Kristina Pimenova

For the first time in ages, I finally started to draw (again). It took an hour and half before bed last night.

She is the beautiful Kristina Pimenova.