January 26th. that dawn really can not be avoided. what happened that day was really unexpected. I needed to print my assignment in Benhil so I asked my three mates to accompany me and we would have breakfast together. they said they could. hurray!

I originally planned to pick Edward and Sampad up. me and Raymond would go from the my house around 3 am. Raymond said that he would come to my house a bit pretty night because he got affairs that before. I was waiting for him while completing my task until I fell asleep. in my sleep that only a half hour, I found an unpleasant dream. at 3.30 am I was awakened by a phone call. I hope it was Raymond to call me certainly. but it was not, it's from the hospital.

the nurse said if Raymond asked me to meet there. what came to my mind were all good thoughts. Raymond might have been long in the front of my house and kept calling me, but only I did not catch it OR Raymond might have run out of credit or battery. I had to shower and got ready. suddenly thought in my head, maybe Raymond suffered form accident. I can not stop my steps and immediately rushed to the hospital.

that was right, Raymond was already taken to the emergency room. there were about 8 big men who are security guards and policemen. I came over to the bed where Raymond was lying and it was really pathetic. He was all covered in blood; in jacket, pants, bag, and the mattress. his little finger and his ring finger were being stitched by a doctor. I could not restrain to sob because I know exactly how Raymond bore a cross. I immediately called Edward and Sampad to tell them what just happened. 

when Raymond was over treated, Edward and Sampad just arrived. Raymond told us if he had just become the victim of robbery, his cellphone was gone. when he came home from Binus around 2 am, he was followed by 4 men with 2 motorcycles. he went looking for crowded place to ask for help. but unfortunately, he was intercepted by those men. it happened around Sunter Lake. he was attacked by a machete 3 times. he could avoid the first two attacks. but he was ill-fated by the last attack. he fended off with his hand which causing a serious wound on his right hand fingers. he had broken veins and had to get 7 stitches. 

O Lord, You brought him alive and fortunately the robbers did not get anything from Raymond, just even his soul. after that we went to Tanjung Priok Kapolsek to make a report. this incident did not dampen our smile. we spent the day together. and again, thanks Lord.

we have passed that day's madness, mates. nice to have it with you.

"get well soon. you are great, mate!"


mellow buster

Hey guys! how was your weekend? Did you go to Dwiwarna Boarding High School pensi in Balai Sarbini? I did. I have been waiting for Adhitia Sofyan live performance for so long. Finally oh finally, I watched him playing his guitar. I really enjoyed the whole songs and yet I had been super mellow, all the songs did me. Tons of thanks to Raymond Satria Dharmawan, Edward Gautama, Sampad Putra, and also Alvin Hariz Sudhana for being with me along last night. You guys really made my day. You have to know what, I have picture of me and Adhit in a frame capture haha sorry for being so freak!


"You replace "best" with "boy" in friendship. You have your honey but you lose your bee. You are an idiot." --evelyngasman


"Every hello owns its goodbye.--evelyngasman


toycamera standalone

I found this very useful software and funny thing called Toycamera AnalogColor. this application is to get the faster processing of color and effect photo editing. check the link below the picture and you can download it there (for Mac and Win):

and these are for the overview: