GOOD Food, GOOD Mood

A month of hospital treatment... really bored me to death. Just because of the bad habits in consuming spicy and unhygienic foods, I was diagnosed with Colitis ulserative.

The first symptom I experienced was the defecation along with the blood.

Initially, maybe I was just lack of drinking water. So I began to have a plenty of water and had the high-fiber foods.

But in the reality, it didn't stop. The case was getting worse as I had diarrhea afterwards. So after 2 weeks, I was brought to the hospital.

RS Mitra Kemayoran, Jakarta (1-5 April 2015)

Island Hospital, Penang (27-29 April 2015)


I had endoscopy back then. 

I was discharged by Island Hospital after 3 days being treated. I was totally recovered. But... I still had to control to the food I consumed (should not be spicy, oily, and unhygienic) and must be taking medication regularly.

Thank you for all of my friends, my lecturers, my bosses, and all of my relatives who keep sending the prayer and the attention to me. 

Thanks God for everything.