A Short Getaway: Taman Safari

This time we chose Taman Safari for our short getaway as Anno came and visited Jakarta.

Because of chitchatting until dawn, we woke up late. We planned to leave at 5am, but actually we just woke up at 6am, and set off at half past eight.

The traffic was... really... bad...

We took a shortcut and got to Taman Safari around 2pm. We walked around the zoo and not long after that, there was the heavy rain pouring. Yes, we had no time to enjoy any facilities there.

Our trip was closed with the tongseng–which had always been our favorite–in PSK (Sate Center Kiloan).

Although this could be considered as a really really short getaway, I was very happy anyway. We didn't stop sharing gossip. And the important thing is staying together... :)

Thanks Anno AstaputriCendy Mirnaz, and Daniel Prima Putra for this super fun day! #folkindonesia

Photo by: @danieelsign


My Kind of Prince Charming

"Rambut kamu kan hitam, sehitam Eboni,
bibir kamu merah, semerah darah,
dan kulit kamu putih, seputih salju.

Aku panggil kamu Snowet aja, yah?"

Kata Evelyn kepada Edward