Bukan Strat Chat: Preparation

I had been so confuse to show my best costume on #BukanStratChat.
SO, I thought the bloody thing was going to work.

It's 05:00 in the morning

I mixed red food coloring with Betadine. As you see, to make the bloody crumbles, I added up some drops of Albothyl.

Welcome to my murder scene...

First, I soaked my high school shirt with the coffee and splashed it with Betadine. Then, I poured the bloody liquid onto it.

Total cost: ± IDR 30.000 + high school memories

TAA-DAA! This was the masterpiece. I really enjoyed it...

The easy-peasy make up tutorial to try. Try to apply on your neck and face.

09:00 in the night

I actually looked like: the high school student who was about to be killed.

Photo by: Dini Hatta

Thank you Erica Lie for the make-up set!
Gonna make the better work next year!



Meloveric Love Story

"Ve, can you help me to design my wedding invitation?"
"OH, my Goddess! Mei, are you getting married?"

*I screamed happily*

Meilani is my friend from high school. We were desk mate on the first grade of the science major. We were very undisciplined and disobedient. With our friend Raymond, we always cheated on the exam. We shared our meals and our love story.

And now she's married to Eric, her church friend. I can't believe it!

Good friends. Good time. Best moment. 
Me, Edward, Sampad, Flobert, Fyanna, Meilani, Eric, Fyonna, Ivan, Raymond 

Congratulation Meilani Lim and Dwi Erianto!

I wish the both of you a lifetime of happiness.
So keep loving each other, keep giving birth to many children, and stay together until the death do you apart.
Hope you like the sexy linge*rie from us, Mei! This is also for you, Eric! ;)


Cardboard with Google

I feel so tacky when trying this cutting-edge device! As they said, this is "virtual reality on your smartphone". You should try!

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Belitung: Beyond Horizon (Part 2)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014  Day #2

Today we would be having fun with the sea. We had breakfast, sunblock *check*, sunglasses *check*, and here we go!

To go to Pulau Lengkuas took about 30 minutes by the speed boat. As we arrived, we jumped from the rock to the rock to took the photograph on it. There was a lighthouse that was used to guard Bangka-Belitung island. To reach the top, we had to climb 18 stairs or about 60 meter height.

We went to offshore to snorkeling. The tour guide asked us to feed the fishes with the bread, the fishes came in hurry.

Kepayang Island Conservation Center was a turtle breeding place. The newly hatched turtles were treated and they would be let go when they were ready to face the ocean. Here was also a diving center. We took a bath and had lunch here.

Pulau Batu Pelayar was a small island in the middle of the ocean. There were some huge rocks that looked like a sailing ship.

We had our dinner at Belitung Timpo Duluk Restaurant, an ancient-style restaurant. There are a lot of old stuff on the wall and on the tables. (Maybe) it is hard to find in these days.

Thursday, 2 October 2014  Day #3

Museum Belitung or Museum Tanjung Pandan became our first destination. The museum was located at Jalan Melati and the ticket price was IDR 2,000. There were the relics rocks from the tin mining, the relics items from Belitung kingdoms, the relics war equipments, and collections from the sunken cargo ships. And there was mini zoo in the back. Do you know that they have the crocodile in Laskar Pelangi film? Yes, they do...

Danau Kaolin was formed of the tin dredging since the 1880s by the Dutch. Kaolin is usually used as an industrial material like paper, cosmetics, toothpaste, food, paint, etc. The mining was open for public and such an interesting place to visit (although we sadly know this is utilized by the other countries). We could see how blue the water that filled the huge puddle.

Pantai Lor-in might be my favorite place to make a great photograph. The pristine white sand combined with the turquoise layered sea covered this area; They were so perfect!

Pantai Tanjung Tinggi was used for the Laskar Pelangi filming location, so the beach was often referred as Laskar Pelangi Beach. There were so many beautiful large granite stones. We had lunch at the seafood restaurant in the back before playing at the beach.

Trip tips:

We used the tour services for 3 days in Belitung Island and it costed IDR 1.2 mio per person. It included: 2 nights hotel, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), tourist attractions tickets, and transport. There is no public transportation in Belitung. So as you arrive at the airport, I suggest you to rent a motorbike or a car for the convenient mobility.

It was all my stories in Belitung Island. The most important thing is: Indonesia is too beautiful to visit!
Let's go back to reality. Jakarta, I'm back!
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