"Langkah meninggalkan jejak, memang salah percaya sama orang bejat" --evelyngasman


She's Stalker

the pine forest with the tall trees, cloud stands in the way.
wind blows as usual, whispers the tender age below her ears.
the tremble branches sound sentimental like the children of fortune.

she needs an ashy-grey crows to dance her in the fog, I guess.
half naked with the nipples wet, she is feeling cold and the breeze.
not long after the rain comes, washes her down, her eye drop united.

I said, "don't look back, because I'm behind you.
holding your shadow so it won't be going away.
I'm a coward, I'm not brave enough to show up!"

she bottles up the petrichor, as she knows it is her only love potion.
leaping with her bare feet, licking the ground that she steps on.
making love with the wet rocks beneath the Tiffany blue sky.

there is a cup of hot black tea, better serve it with the little hoarfrost.
the molasses cover her passion, I'm not sure either love or lust.
let her get dressed with a soft transparent white curtain.

I said, "don't look back, because I'm behind you.
holding your shadow so it won't be going away.
I'm a coward, i'm not brave enough to show up!"


"No one may head my head" --evelyngasman


"How I treat you is how you treated me." --evelyngasman


"The point of waiting is ready to be disappointed" --evelyngasman


"Promise is a beautiful lie." --evelyngasman


Words Unsaid

Take me to the lake of swan, take me to the freezing one, hug me, hug hug me.

Could you tell the stars right to stay? I really want to see it shines because I’m with you. I rather die with you than be alone in the dark. Or do you mind if we chased it awhile, Like everyone will think we are crazy?

Could you tell the rain to keep us warm? I feel safe beneath your skin because I’m with you. I love when your lips greet me goodnight. Or do you mind If we shut our both eyes, So that people will see we sleep eternally?

Take me somewhere to the outer space, we could make love and nobody knew. Take me somewhere to the highest ground, we could fight the gravity and fly away.

Could you tell the memories to come by? I don’t wanna miss a thing because I’m with you. I will carve in the deepest place so it will not fade. Or do you mind if we make the new one, Saying I’m yours and you’re truly mine?

Could you tell the time to go away? I don’t want to see its tick-tock because I’m with you. I wish that you are I’m gonna be with till old. Or do you mind if we go somewhere, Where nobody can find us like heaven?

Hey boy, ya my boy, you turn me crazy over you

Take me to the lake of swan, take me to the freezing one, hug me, hug hug me.

Take me somewhere to the outer space, we could make love and nobody knew. Take me somewhere to the highest ground, we could fight the gravity and fly away. Take me somewhere beyond the earth..
I, ah, we are only human


Indonesian Youth Converence (IYC) 2011

  • "Jangan kuping tipis; rasa ingin tahu kalian harus tinggi.--Putra Nababan
  • "Popularitas bukan kesuksesan. Sukses itu memberikan manfaat bagi orang lain sekecil apapun.--Najwa Shihab
  • "Creativity is not limited for art.--Joko Anwar
  • "Creativity is problem solver.--Mirwan Andan
  • "Dream big, start small, and do it fast." --Budi Soehardi


"Think negatively to positive possibilities." --evelyngasman






Something really bad happened yesterday afternoon. CV Aneka Industri, the garment factory in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, where my father works was on fire. This incident came from someone who melted the chemicals behind the factory. Unfortunately, the wind blew and the fire began to spread toward the dump and then to the storeroom foam. Raw materials and property plant, including the personal belongings of the workers, could not be saved. This incident left less than a third of the building that is still intact.

Papa was never going abroad for about more than ten years. But the last 17 April 2011, he left for China. So this afternoon, me and my mama visited the factory and I saw everything with my own eyes. The situation is really pathetic. Mbak Mae (she had to keep me when I was little) came to me as I arrived. She took me to see around.

I do not know how many losses resulting from this disaster, fortunately there were no fatalities. Hopefully we can take lessons from this incident and hopefully this incident will not happen again.


Backpacker's Backpack

What a wonderful couple of days between 15-16th April 2011. Me and Edward went to Bandung without any plan and I lied to my parents if I stayed overnight at friend's house to do some assignments. I tought no one could make certain about our fate, either could we. Here we go!
We got Bandung by DayTrans travel. We booked the tickets at about 2.30pm and arrived at 6.30pm. We chatted until we fell asleep and listened to some songs during the way. OH Thanks God it's raining! I love rain, did I ever say to you? I think a million times already! #nowplaying Dewa - Risahlah Hati, Adhitia Sofyan - Adelaide Sky, and Keren Ann - Not Going Anywhere

As we arrived, we walked away and needed to find place to dine. We went straight to Cihamplas Walk and didn't find one. So we went back to pecel lele tent. Wow we met some Malaysian there. We didn't talk too much, just said "Hi" (just because I understood they were talking in Hokkien and Mandarin). After having dinner, we got nothing to do. So Edward asked me how about we went to Dago. I nodded and ciao!
We decided to go to the cafe near The Valley by angkot. All of we gotta do was find the Cicaheum-Dago angkot and took one more angkot to get closer. I couldn't avoid to say tonight was an exhausted night. We spent most of the day by walking. Like this, from Dago Atas to The Valley, we walked uphill. It was all paid off when Edward showed me a fabulous cafe named Cocoyico which is located on the hillside. Great! We could see the night light of Bandung just like dimonds, very bright. Edward ordered Gee Kiwi Lemonade and I ordered Ginger Tea. Perfect night, have fun!

(Sttt.. How stupid I could forget to bring my wallet!)
It's 11pm and the cafe was closed. That meant we got no plan (again). So we walked back down town and started to find place to sleep. We walked about 2 km in an hour and half. Our step stopped when we had Indomie to fill our hunger. We asked some people about the hotel and I couldn't be happier because after walking around for hours we finally found it. It costs just IDR 60.000 per night. Gania Plaza Hotel room 224 was where we slept. Goodnite people! :)

Morning came earlier, today was the time to come home. We couldn't move our sleepy head off from our pillow. We got up at 10.30am and rushed to take a bath. What a pity! We didn't bring any shampoo or soap because as I knew, we didn't have plan to stay overnight at hotel. So I searched for the warung and I bought shampoo (if you ask whether I bought soap or not, I'll answer it with NO).
We continued our day with finding place for having lunch. As we saw a soto cart at the roadside, we walked there without thinking. We were hungry! I called it perfect lunch! We walked and walked again. Something that surprised me was it's currently raining very heavily. I waited for this moment so much, just like dancing in the rain. But we had to go and started to move from an angkot to another angkot. Luckily there was a kind-hearted driver deliberately drove us, so we could move at somewhere closer. Cihamplas Walk was in front of our face.

We entered into Ciwalk and found a cool snack in the afternoon. It's kedai tofu named Tagala. I ordered Tahu Gejrot, Edward order Tahu Bodo and Tahu Kriuk. That's right! It's delicious hot and very suitable for the cold afternoon. Don't forget about a few cigarettes to completed our days and also gulali :9

Ding Dong! Time is up! See ya Bandung! We'll see you again in another day! Thankyou for the cold atmosphere you gave. I don't think I will find it at my hometown, Jakarta. I'm so much in love with you <3
Fact: I didn't change my bra and clothes in these two days and I don't care!

Countless thanks thanks thanks thanks to Edward Gautama for your precious time.


jazz up the jaktown

this year Java Jazz was held again in JIExpo, Kemayoran, on 4-6 March 2011. this would be my second time going with the jazz. me and my friends planned to watch because we got that Sondre Lerche and Corinne Bailey Rae would be performing on the same day, on Friday, March 4, 2011. I actually preferred Corinne Bailey Rae to Sondre Lerche. but glad to know that they wouldn't appear together at the same time so I didn't need to choose on a difficult choice.

so we were exited and were afraid if the tickets were all sold out, we pursued the ticket box which were opened in several places but we didn't get the tickets so bad. until finally Anno and Cendy initiative to buy a ticket, they came to the ticket box at Senayan and they got it. I really couldn't wait to watch the show. which made me more excited was that, five of my five girlfriends went. they are Anno Astaputri, Sakha Qatrunnada, Cendy Mirnaz, Sabila Anjani, and Niscaya Puri. oh yes, we had the additional personnels who are Sesotya Jodie and Endy Gower. YEEHA! Java Jazz approached! could't be more exited! (I didn't realize that I've mentioned it three times)

that night, Sondre Lerche performed perfectly. although he was only wearing a white shirt and jeans, he looked very cool. he brought some of his hits in the duration of approximately an hour and a half. he appeared alone, completely alone. the songs were played with very energetic and enthusiastic under the strains of guitar. all of his fans supported and sang along with him. although I was sleepy while watching his performance, but I was reluctant to miss his action at all. I swore in over your head!

after watching Sondre Lerche's performance, we went straight to the stage where Corinne Bailey Rae would perform. I was very pleased when I first saw Corinne, she dressed with very elegant. she brought the songs from her second album, The Sea (2010). too bad, I was a bit far from the front row of the stage. I felt a little upset and regretted being left by friends. but this was not a big deal. I was so grateful because I could finally satisfy my curiosity to see them perform, the two artists who I had waited. 

going back from the Java Jazz, me and my girlfriends stayed overnight at my home, had Bebek Kaleyo at the next afternoon, then that evening they went to their own homes. thanks girls (thanks my brother), me love you!

Dira Sugandi

Glenn Fredly

I don't know who they are, but they were completely cool!

Sondre Lerche

Corinne Bailey Rae
Niscaya, Sakha, me, Sabila, Cendy, Anno, Sesotya (and Endy, my brother)


God love you

see how hungry we were! like the little starving cubs.

preparing the outbound games

performing night! wohhooooooo :D

fourth group's performance: parody.

hey, Welli! you just had too much fun!

third group's performance: Naha-naha Game.

second group's performance: Tutue Dance.

fasilitator's performance. hey, Bim! what did you stare at?

this was called "Jendela Hati"

i was interviewed (read: curhat).

all of us gathered

my gang (left to right): Bima, Indra, Helna, me, Fr. Asis, Ridwan



January 26th. that dawn really can not be avoided. what happened that day was really unexpected. I needed to print my assignment in Benhil so I asked my three mates to accompany me and we would have breakfast together. they said they could. hurray!

I originally planned to pick Edward and Sampad up. me and Raymond would go from the my house around 3 am. Raymond said that he would come to my house a bit pretty night because he got affairs that before. I was waiting for him while completing my task until I fell asleep. in my sleep that only a half hour, I found an unpleasant dream. at 3.30 am I was awakened by a phone call. I hope it was Raymond to call me certainly. but it was not, it's from the hospital.

the nurse said if Raymond asked me to meet there. what came to my mind were all good thoughts. Raymond might have been long in the front of my house and kept calling me, but only I did not catch it OR Raymond might have run out of credit or battery. I had to shower and got ready. suddenly thought in my head, maybe Raymond suffered form accident. I can not stop my steps and immediately rushed to the hospital.

that was right, Raymond was already taken to the emergency room. there were about 8 big men who are security guards and policemen. I came over to the bed where Raymond was lying and it was really pathetic. He was all covered in blood; in jacket, pants, bag, and the mattress. his little finger and his ring finger were being stitched by a doctor. I could not restrain to sob because I know exactly how Raymond bore a cross. I immediately called Edward and Sampad to tell them what just happened. 

when Raymond was over treated, Edward and Sampad just arrived. Raymond told us if he had just become the victim of robbery, his cellphone was gone. when he came home from Binus around 2 am, he was followed by 4 men with 2 motorcycles. he went looking for crowded place to ask for help. but unfortunately, he was intercepted by those men. it happened around Sunter Lake. he was attacked by a machete 3 times. he could avoid the first two attacks. but he was ill-fated by the last attack. he fended off with his hand which causing a serious wound on his right hand fingers. he had broken veins and had to get 7 stitches. 

O Lord, You brought him alive and fortunately the robbers did not get anything from Raymond, just even his soul. after that we went to Tanjung Priok Kapolsek to make a report. this incident did not dampen our smile. we spent the day together. and again, thanks Lord.

we have passed that day's madness, mates. nice to have it with you.

"get well soon. you are great, mate!"


mellow buster

Hey guys! how was your weekend? Did you go to Dwiwarna Boarding High School pensi in Balai Sarbini? I did. I have been waiting for Adhitia Sofyan live performance for so long. Finally oh finally, I watched him playing his guitar. I really enjoyed the whole songs and yet I had been super mellow, all the songs did me. Tons of thanks to Raymond Satria Dharmawan, Edward Gautama, Sampad Putra, and also Alvin Hariz Sudhana for being with me along last night. You guys really made my day. You have to know what, I have picture of me and Adhit in a frame capture haha sorry for being so freak!