yesterday was a lovely morning. it have been several days since these couple of weeks, I feel very exited to do most of things. I entered the class at 7.20 a.m. and faced the New Media subject.

it would be nice because I see Mr. Danu Widhyatmoko (one of my lectures) was busy with his laptop. And sure enough, he gave a presentation in front of my class. It is titled: "The Art of Self Branding"

the points that I noted:
  1. Identify your competencies, positioning, segmentation, goals, and priority.
  2. Create a words is better than one word, and start using your, everytime, everywhere)
  3. Create signature for your online identity
  4. Pick your best photos for your avatar, gravatar, and profile picture
  5. Blog and website
  6. (ouch sorry! I forgot to note this point, too exited :D)
  7. Keep your "mouth"! Netiquette*!
* a portmanteau of "network etiquette" or "Internet etiquette" (source:

yeah that's what prompted me to write a blog seriously this time. I share mine, you share yours! welcome to my jour-line.

my world is full of dream,

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