Twenty-third Newborn

Happy Birthday to me! As the other birthday boys/girls do for their birthday, I also made my bucketlist. From the first time, I have so many dreams and I always promised myself to reach it all: I want to travel all around the world, I want to have a van, I want to learn to cook, I want to run a business, I want to own a cafĂ©, I want to be in the band, I want to note my journey of life. I always wanted to be an smart and independent woman, yes I want to be. 

My closest achievement is to always think positively, I decided to leave my negative thoughts for a happy life. So I leave my 30 cm hair off of my head to be a new person, a new person with a new paradigm, what am I look like? 

 This photo below is a photo taken by Rukii Naraya. I like!

I want to make this blog walking. I'm used to be too lazy to do this.

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