Watch to Watch

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted." --John Lennon

A watch is chosen to match the its owner personality.

From the various brands that I was looking for –like Nixon, Daniel Wellington, Uniform Wares, Swatch, Casio, squarestreet, Komono, and the others– there are a few that caught my attention:

Nixon The Mellor (diameter 38 mm)

This is the watch I like the most: Nixon The Mellor for women with rose gold plate. I love the simplicity of the clock face, the earthy color, and also, the leather wristband without any stitch attracts me too.

These are the special series: The Mellor Oxyde with rusty metal plate. Unfortunately, this is just for gentlemen.

These both below have the same type.

Daniel Wellington Classic St. Andrews (diameter 40 mm)

Ernest Watch White

Komono can be the right choice also, huh?

Komono Winston (diameter 41 mm)

Komono Magnus (diameter 46 mm)

Komono Wizard Heritage (diameter 3.6 mm)

Casio has become my favorite watch since my childhood, but it seems like it lasts till now. With its affordable price and also the good design, how can't I interested?

Casio LTP-1314L (diameter 36.5 mm)

And for 2 watches below, I think exception seems to happen. I also feel confused, why I oddly enough like the model. Do you also feel good on this?

Casio AQ-230GA (diameter 38.8 mm)

Nixon The Re-Run

The last one is the simplest.
Once, I came to buy this watch with 4 different models because I was so in love. Although eventually, I made ​​a random gift to my three friends (and for myself included).

Casio MQ-24 (diameter 38.8 mm)

End of all, I personally prefer a round analog watch with a simple design.

But when it comes to wristband taste, (which are sorted based on my preferences) I prefer: 1. Brown leather wristband, 2. Yellow stainless steel wristband, dan 3. Black rubber wristband. 

If you have any recommendation, please drop a line :)

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