1. My name is "Evelyn". No last name. 
2. A perfectionist person. Symmetrical freak.
3. Fall in love and currently in relationship with a best friend. 
4. "Do It Yourself" sounds magical. Kill most of the time making handmade stuff. 
5. Love keeping things, whatever it is. 
6. Appreciate women in any kind of beauty. 
7. Used to like number 7, but now can't decide whether 8 or 9 is the better. 
8. Extraverted, outspoken, and a lame liar. 
9. Have problem with public speaking. 
10. Adrenaline rushes whenever something (good or bad) happens. Still, love surprises though.
11. My mind is a good friend to talk to.
12. Have a negative mind to prevent something that hurts more. 
13. Dream so many dreams but have no clue which one needs to be achieved first. 
14. Everyday's favorite pallet: earthy colors. 
15. Traveling is a must, better with a small group. 
16. Scare of nothing except jumping from high place. 
17. Listen to music and watch movie a lot. Don't have any specific genre. 
18. Crunchy + spicy + salty. Thumbs up! 
19. Hate two-faced person so much. So. Much. 
20. Not a good storyteller and really not good in describing my own-self. 


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