Something really bad happened yesterday afternoon. CV Aneka Industri, the garment factory in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, where my father works was on fire. This incident came from someone who melted the chemicals behind the factory. Unfortunately, the wind blew and the fire began to spread toward the dump and then to the storeroom foam. Raw materials and property plant, including the personal belongings of the workers, could not be saved. This incident left less than a third of the building that is still intact.

Papa was never going abroad for about more than ten years. But the last 17 April 2011, he left for China. So this afternoon, me and my mama visited the factory and I saw everything with my own eyes. The situation is really pathetic. Mbak Mae (she had to keep me when I was little) came to me as I arrived. She took me to see around.

I do not know how many losses resulting from this disaster, fortunately there were no fatalities. Hopefully we can take lessons from this incident and hopefully this incident will not happen again.

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