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What a wonderful couple of days between 15-16th April 2011. Me and Edward went to Bandung without any plan and I lied to my parents if I stayed overnight at friend's house to do some assignments. I tought no one could make certain about our fate, either could we. Here we go!
We got Bandung by DayTrans travel. We booked the tickets at about 2.30pm and arrived at 6.30pm. We chatted until we fell asleep and listened to some songs during the way. OH Thanks God it's raining! I love rain, did I ever say to you? I think a million times already! #nowplaying Dewa - Risahlah Hati, Adhitia Sofyan - Adelaide Sky, and Keren Ann - Not Going Anywhere

As we arrived, we walked away and needed to find place to dine. We went straight to Cihamplas Walk and didn't find one. So we went back to pecel lele tent. Wow we met some Malaysian there. We didn't talk too much, just said "Hi" (just because I understood they were talking in Hokkien and Mandarin). After having dinner, we got nothing to do. So Edward asked me how about we went to Dago. I nodded and ciao!
We decided to go to the cafe near The Valley by angkot. All of we gotta do was find the Cicaheum-Dago angkot and took one more angkot to get closer. I couldn't avoid to say tonight was an exhausted night. We spent most of the day by walking. Like this, from Dago Atas to The Valley, we walked uphill. It was all paid off when Edward showed me a fabulous cafe named Cocoyico which is located on the hillside. Great! We could see the night light of Bandung just like dimonds, very bright. Edward ordered Gee Kiwi Lemonade and I ordered Ginger Tea. Perfect night, have fun!

(Sttt.. How stupid I could forget to bring my wallet!)
It's 11pm and the cafe was closed. That meant we got no plan (again). So we walked back down town and started to find place to sleep. We walked about 2 km in an hour and half. Our step stopped when we had Indomie to fill our hunger. We asked some people about the hotel and I couldn't be happier because after walking around for hours we finally found it. It costs just IDR 60.000 per night. Gania Plaza Hotel room 224 was where we slept. Goodnite people! :)

Morning came earlier, today was the time to come home. We couldn't move our sleepy head off from our pillow. We got up at 10.30am and rushed to take a bath. What a pity! We didn't bring any shampoo or soap because as I knew, we didn't have plan to stay overnight at hotel. So I searched for the warung and I bought shampoo (if you ask whether I bought soap or not, I'll answer it with NO).
We continued our day with finding place for having lunch. As we saw a soto cart at the roadside, we walked there without thinking. We were hungry! I called it perfect lunch! We walked and walked again. Something that surprised me was it's currently raining very heavily. I waited for this moment so much, just like dancing in the rain. But we had to go and started to move from an angkot to another angkot. Luckily there was a kind-hearted driver deliberately drove us, so we could move at somewhere closer. Cihamplas Walk was in front of our face.

We entered into Ciwalk and found a cool snack in the afternoon. It's kedai tofu named Tagala. I ordered Tahu Gejrot, Edward order Tahu Bodo and Tahu Kriuk. That's right! It's delicious hot and very suitable for the cold afternoon. Don't forget about a few cigarettes to completed our days and also gulali :9

Ding Dong! Time is up! See ya Bandung! We'll see you again in another day! Thankyou for the cold atmosphere you gave. I don't think I will find it at my hometown, Jakarta. I'm so much in love with you <3
Fact: I didn't change my bra and clothes in these two days and I don't care!

Countless thanks thanks thanks thanks to Edward Gautama for your precious time.

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