Bukan Strat Chat: Preparation

I had been so confuse to show my best costume on #BukanStratChat.
SO, I thought the bloody thing was going to work.

It's 05:00 in the morning

I mixed red food coloring with Betadine. As you see, to make the bloody crumbles, I added up some drops of Albothyl.

Welcome to my murder scene...

First, I soaked my high school shirt with the coffee and splashed it with Betadine. Then, I poured the bloody liquid onto it.

Total cost: ± IDR 30.000 + high school memories

TAA-DAA! This was the masterpiece. I really enjoyed it...

The easy-peasy make up tutorial to try. Try to apply on your neck and face.

09:00 in the night

I actually looked like: the high school student who was about to be killed.

Photo by: Dini Hatta

Thank you Erica Lie for the make-up set!
Gonna make the better work next year!


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