Meloveric Love Story

"Ve, can you help me to design my wedding invitation?"
"OH, my Goddess! Mei, are you getting married?"

*I screamed happily*

Meilani is my friend from high school. We were desk mate on the first grade of the science major. We were very undisciplined and disobedient. With our friend Raymond, we always cheated on the exam. We shared our meals and our love story.

And now she's married to Eric, her church friend. I can't believe it!

Good friends. Good time. Best moment. 
Me, Edward, Sampad, Flobert, Fyanna, Meilani, Eric, Fyonna, Ivan, Raymond 

Congratulation Meilani Lim and Dwi Erianto!

I wish the both of you a lifetime of happiness.
So keep loving each other, keep giving birth to many children, and stay together until the death do you apart.
Hope you like the sexy linge*rie from us, Mei! This is also for you, Eric! ;)

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  1. Thank you epe sayang buat designnyaa.. gua cipok ya dari sini.. hahahhaa.. love ya, dear ^^