Belitung: Beyond Horizon (Part 1)

Who is not curious about Belitung Island?

The island known with its clean beaches and blue-green seas, the island which has so many interesting history to tell, the island that is rich in natural resources, the island that becomes the tourist destination.

Belitung Island itself became so well known by the common people since the publication of the tetralogy novel Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops) by Andrea Hirata. Belitung Island is also known as the birthplace of Vice Governor of Jakarta: Mr. Basuki Purnama Tjahja.

The plan for the trip to Belitung Island was completely so sudden. I bought the return tickets for IDR 850,000.00 per person a day before. Me and the other five flew with Sriwijaya Air for an hour, from 06:00-07.10 in the morning.

We stayed at Green Tropical Village Deluxe Suites with 2 single beds, 39" LED Television with cable program (actually, I only got the HBO channel), hot and cold shower, breakfast buffet, terrace, gazebo, and swimming pool. It costs IDR 650,000 on the weekday and IDR 800,000 on the weekend. Worth to stay, anyway!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014  Day #2

The first thing we did was having breakfast at Mie Belitung Atep. There were a lot of celebrities photos who had been here on the wall of the restaurant; and also, the photo of the Former President Megawati Sukarnoputri and her daughter, Puan Maharani. This noodle was really well known!

A plate of noodles costed IDR 12,000. Belitung noodles served with yellow noodles, potatoes, tofu, dried shrimps (ebi), chips (emping), and with the sour soup. Me likey!

Kwan Im Temple was a Chinese Buddhist temple which was dedicated to the goddess of the sea. To enter to the temple that was dominated by the red color, we had to climb the quite high stairs.

We had lunch at Rumah Makan Fega, Manggar, Belitung Timur. I was starving like hell. Thanks God, they served the good food here. 

We also visited Ahok's House. The visitors could see the entire contents of his house: the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen. My mother was very happy, even though we were only able to go though the yard. She is a big fan of his.

Our next destination was Laskar Pelangi Museum or also known as the first literature museum in Indonesia, Museum Kata (Museum of Words).

The museum was just a reconstruction from the old house. This museum was filled with Laskar Pelangi movie footage and the short stories by Andrea Hirata, along with his quotes.

I was struck helpless when I knew that there were 20 countries adapted and published this book, yes, 20 languages​​.

The school replica for filming.

And look how delicious our dinner was! That big fat lobsters were so... *speechless!*

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